PANIC Makes The Pandemic Response Worse!

While it does little good, to blame any individual, and/ or, nation, for the pandemic, the world is currently undergoing, doesn’t it make sense, to thoroughly, carefully, review and examine, as much about the lead – up/ in, including: how to better prepare (and be prepared); better understanding the science; developing and installing expert teams, so this might be avoided, in the future; how it spread; what caused it; the best ways to control, both, the spread and the potential dangers; etc? For a number of reasons, we have witnessed, an overall response, based more on PANIC (which rarely does any good), than understanding, denial more than meaningful reasoning and leadership, and, a feeling, by many, of being deceived/ misled, rather than being given the finest possible, most relevant, realistic facts, etc. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and why, it matters, and is probably, not in the best interests of controlling this pandemic.

1. Perceptions; planning; priorities; precise; politics; phases; proactive: One of the early obstacles, in this country, was the rhetoric and statements, articulated by President Trump, and members of his administration. Rather than, appearing to pay attention to the occurrences, around the world, we were informed by the White House, it was a hoax, and or politics! Because of the division, on a partisan basis, which has expanded, in this nation, in the past few years, the public perceptions, appeared to be confused, etc! Instead of taking, well – considered, proactive measures, at the first warning sign, it seemed we lacked the planning, to make this, the priority, it should have been. When precise language, etc, was needed, and steps, needed to be taken, in well – considered, measures, the impact was, the public was confused, and felt, anything but, at – ease!

2. Attitude; attention; articulate; actions: Instead of articulating misleading, inaccurate, ever – changing, messages, our public leaders must proceed, with a positive, can – do, attitude, while being ready and able to pay keen attention, and realize, the help, assistance and guidance of the scientists and professionals, must be a part of any viable, sustainable solution!

3. Needs/ necessities: The needs, and necessities, of our citizens, must be the highest priority! Instead of partisan politics, as – usual, we would be better represented/ served, if our leaders were directed, by the greater good, rather than any personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest!

4. Integrity; ideas; ideology; imagination; innovate;; issues; insights: How can we expected to have faith in what we are told, during any crisis, when someone has shown, as little genuine integrity, as we have witnessed, these past few years? If we wish to avoid, or, at least, better handle and respond, to future crises, we need a better focus on relevant, sustainable ideas, an imagination to consider options and alternatives, innovative thinking and preparation, better understanding of potential issues, and well – developed, and considered, meaningful insights!

5. Character; create; coordinate; claims: Much of the overall panic arises, not only from the dangers, of the particular crisis, but, because of our questioning of the quality of a leader’s character. We must demand, in the future, the ability to create plans (and contingency planning), the ability to coordinate many activities, and necessities, and someone, who only makes claims, which are considered truthful, relevant, sustainable, factual, and well – considered!

The nation and the world, never benefits when its citizens, resort to PANIC! Wake up, America, and demand better!